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Chattooga River

Paddle Faster….I hear banjo music! The Chattooga River is the star of the movie Deliverance. Being a wild and scenic river with a ¼ mile wilderness buffer on each side make paddlers feel like they are in the middle of the wild. The Chattooga is a free flowing river with no dams so it relies on rainfall for good flows. Being an old river whose rock lies perpendicular to the water flow, the Chattooga has been well carved by the flowing water creating many pot holes and under cuts.

The Chattooga River has something every level of boater. The character of the Chattooga is drop-pool, meaning after each rapid there is a calm, slow moving pool, allowing for a swim or collecting ones gear after a rapid. Section 1 offers up to class II whitewater and is ideal for tubing or beginner boaters. Section II is a great class II float. Section III & IV are both commercially rafted and marks where the intensity of the river picks up. Section III sees class II – IV whitewater and is very popular among rafters and kayakers. Section IV is a fantastic stretch of river seeing class II-IV+. The famous five falls, five class IV+ rapids back to back, live on this section and should be approached with care and scouting. Undercuts and potholes abound, never hesitate walking a rapid if you are unsure. After the whitewater paddlers get some good exercise paddling a mile across lake Tugaloo to the take out ramp.